You got questions?

You got questions?
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Chances are you heard about GrowthX from someone before applying. 70% of our applications come from pure word of mouth of VCs, founders or leaders in the India ecosystem - that’s how close knit the community is. But, I get it - you now have a bunch of questions popping up in your mind.

How do you know if GrowthX is for you?

If you work in product, marketing, business function or are a founder in an an internet first/ enabled company (D2C/ B2C/ B2B SaaS / B2B2C), chances are you might be the right fit for the beautiful community we have built with love. The typical member profile below.
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Membership is split into ‌diverse offerings - with specific goals. The specific goals for operators typically are transitioning into a new function, cracking a breakout role, getting promoted to a leadership role or thriving in your current role. We strongly believe these goals will change for you as you progress in your career. The membership is designed to help you in each of these goals.

If your immediate goal is to work on specific product building, distribution, brand, strategy - the membership has 15+ learning programs that are taught by marquee leaders in India.

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And if your goal evolves into cracking a role, you have solid job boards, video resources to crack interview rounds & even negotiate job offers. Plus a set of our members chasing a promotion at their current org. We have specific modules ‌designed for job promotions.
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If you are a founder, the membership has specific offerings based on whether you are figuring first set of customers, early scaling or a mature stage.

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We strongly believe that founders who are post product and have early traction will find immense value by understanding the macro & micro nuances of growth. While if you are a post PMF founder figuring next phase of growth, you will find ‌immense value in offerings that are focused on building/ hiring growth teams, running OKRs, sound-boarding with seasoned founders & really getting holistic support in your revenue growth. Specifics covered HERE These goals will change for you as you progress in your product growth stage as a founder. The membership is designed to help you solve the first $1 million & the journey to the next $20 million.

What could your outcomes look like once you become a member? - this is nuanced.

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Write down what‌ your 1 year professional goal looks like? Whatever it may be - everything you need to do to get to the success scenario.

What sort of technical skills would you need? What sort of proof of work or actual experience would you need? What sort of people would help you think better about solving problems at work? And lastly, what sort of introductions/connections you need to get to the core outcome.
Once you have answered this - just go through the membership details again, you will find the answer to “Is GrowthX right fit for me?”. Plus go through our stories of growth series.
Watch the Stories of growth by members here :
Watch the Stories of growth by members here :

I’m convinced. But can I understand how the pricing works & what are my payment options?

Perfect. The membership is split as an all ‌-in one experience. So once you become a member, you do not have to pay for any access. This means everything that membership has - you will get access, this includes —
Learning : Learn more
  • 8 week live immersion program to help you structure a mindset shift across customer acquisition, onboarding, retention & monetisation strategy of your current org.
  • 15+ learning programs across product, marketing, and strategy to help you thrive in your current role & accelerate revenue growth for your org.
Community : Learn more
  • Access to online slack community
  • Access to founder circle (online + in-person) 
  • Access to operator circle (online + in-person)
  • Access to 10+ subcultures
Cracking roles/ nailing promotions : Learn more
  • Design your 5 /3 /1 year personal goals
  • Structured programs to crack your personal brand
  • 60+ video lessons to crack technical interviews for growth roles
  • Access to curated job board with 350+ hiring partners
  • Access to promotions module to nail structure to yearly appraisals
Founder outcomes : (Learn more)
  • Dedicated sprints to design revenue growth model
  • Dedicated sprints to build OKR & team hiring design
  • Dedicated sprints to build founder focused personal brand
  • Curated set of invite only founder events to build your sound board
  • Access to hire top growth talent in the country across mid-senior & leadership roles

Every single access is part of the membership - we fundamentally believe you can get compounding results by solving every piece of the input lever.

The membership costs ~₹7,150 per month with a 12 month low cost EMI. You can also make a one time payment of ₹63,558 + GST. You can secure the membership once you are accepted HERE.

We also have a 3 month No cost EMI option on all major credit cards through our payment partner Razorypay. You can check these options on payment page once you get accepted HERE

Some of the other nuances that you may want to go through if you have specific questions about any of the membership benefits.


Once I become a member, how do I start using the membership?

As soon as you become a member, you get onboarded onto the community. You will be able to start accessing the learning programs, in-person events & most importantly the online slack community. Get notified of masterclasses, learning sprints & community events through the slack community & on your membership dashboard HERE

How does the 8 week immersion works? Can I pick and choose based on my calendar?

The 8 week immersion program runs 5 times every year. Once you become a member you are automatically enrolled into the upcoming immersion experience. You can check the dates of the upcoming immersion program in the below table. The experience is designed as a combination of the first 4 live learning sessions on consecutive Sundays. In the first 4 weeks you go through acquisition, onboarding, retention & monetisation modules & build mini assignments. This is how the calendar looks like.
Tuesday → Friday
Live Sessions
Assignment briefing
Take Home assignment
Assignment submission
9 AM - 1 PM
8:30 - 8:45 PM
Spend 1 hour everyday
7 PM Deadline
For the next 4 weeks (capstone experience is optional)
Monday to Friday
Work with your capstone team
War room with your capstone team
War room with assigned team & mentors
8:30 - 9:15 PM
11 AM - 3 PM
11 AM - 3 PM
The upcoming immersion experience (GX20) starts on 1st June 2024. The calendar is below.
Week 0
Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Week 5 to 8
June 1
June 2
June 9
June 16
June 23
June 24 - July
Kickoff Call
Acquisition Deep Dive
Onboarding Deep Dive
E&R Deep Dive
Monetisation Deep Dive
Capstone project

How are online learning programs conducted?

All learning programs are conducted online and you can access them from any part of the world. The timings of these programs are optimised for India time zone. The live sessions have multiple segments - each segment focuses on a specific growth problem followed by a case study & dedicated Q&A section.
          Snapshot of members enjoying a joke on how Alen from Hangover would write a growth equation.
Snapshot of members enjoying a joke on how Alen from Hangover would write a growth equation.
Every live segment has a working session, that means at one time 7 to 8 folks from the audience come on spotlight and discuss the case study live. Our live sessions have an NPS of 76+, that's never heard of in any learning product.

How applicable are these frameworks in my current role? Also, will I learn these & apply?

Each week, we will progressively solve a part of the growth equation for your own product. More than 90% of the members work on a internet product & if you aren't working on one, you will be given options to pick one. Proof of work is core to retaining the learnings from the live sessions. It is all about building the right problem solving muscle. If you pick your own product for this assignment, you will have a full blown growth strategy of your own product by week 4, isn’t that freaking awesome?
Video preview

How does networking with the community look like?

You get access to the online community the moment you become a member. Watch Bhavya ( Head of Community | GrowthX ) explain how to make the most of the slack community.
Video preview

Apart from this, you also get access to founder circle & operator circle. With over 300 founders with companies that clocked $150 million in realised revenue in FY 2023, as a fellow founder you get access to curated lunches, a dedicated slack soundboard and hiring help as part of the membership.

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If you are a operator, you get access to the operator circle - with 2,500+ operators & leaders at marquee internet companies, you get access to specific city chapters across India and direct access to the dedicated Slack soundboard. A facilitator leads the discussion, where advice and feedback are shared to help you compound as a leader.

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The 15+ learning program details HERE.
Career growth modules HERE
How community access works HERE
Track your current application HERE
Start a new application HERE

Written by

Karan Nagarajan
Karan Nagarajan

Karan is the membership team lead at GrowthX. He has scaled digital distribution for various Enterprise & B2B organizations like ANSYS, NASSCOM, 10000 Startups, Capgemini, EcoEnergy Insights