Growth Bootcamp 

Accelerate your product & growth career in an 8-week Bootcamp.

Join the alumni from the top companies in India


What's inside?

A 5-week live series of insightful sessions, with batches full of highly aspirational, and like-minded individuals which is followed by a 3-week capstone project in a group setting. This is the catalyst your product & growth career needed. 


Is this bootcamp for me?

The series is highly recommended for professionals who work with tech products built for scale, and are inquisitive, and constantly seek knowledge. Your batch will comprise of Product managers, Marketers & Entrepreneurs. 

This is not for you if you're looking to learn Facebook ads, Google ads or the likes. You can find 100s of those online, for free. This course is to understand the end-to-end lifecycle of Product Growth.

What is the structure of the Bootcamp?


Live sessions

On Sundays that don't interfere with your workweek


Case study teardowns

Of the top 1% product companies in the world


Self-paced concept videos

To revise the concepts learnt during the live class


Capstone project

You will build & pitch a tech product growth strategy in a group of 5

GrowthX is the easiest way to become a scholar in Product & Growth. This bootcamp uncovered the existing gaps in the processes I manage in my company. After GrowthX, I knew the exact questions I need to ask & how to see them through. The community is close-knitted & you'll meet a lot of smart folks who are as driven as you are

Dipta Chowdhury 

Growth lead @ MobiKwik

GrowthX Class of 2020


Bootcamp timeline & curriculum

Week 0

Kick-off Call

10th Oct

1 hour

Peer group introduction over a 60 min programme kick-off call. This call is to ensure you're setting up yourself for success.

Week 1

Acquisition Deepdive

11th Oct

4 hours

How to decide is your product ready for acquiring customers?

Who is your ideal customer? What do they do in life?

How to acquire the first 1000 customers?

Decision framework & deep dive into four major acquisition channels viz organic, ads, referral, product integrations.

How to scale your acquisition channels?

How to run experiments on the acquisition funnels?

Case Studies featuring

Week 2

Onboarding Deepdive

18th Oct

4 hours

Why is onboarding core to Growth?

What is an AHA moment? How to find out one for your product?

Model to define an active user.

How to build different goals? Product, User & Business goals?

How to apply the 'Jobs To Be Done' framework to onboarding?

Design deep dive into onboarding for your web & app products.

Defining metrics for onboarding success. 

How to evolve onboarding with the stage of the product (early->mature)?

Case Studies featuring

Week 3

Engagement & Retention

25th Oct

4 hours

Learn about the different types of engagement frameworks

Not all engagement is created equal. Learn how to segment users for engagement.

Learn how to build a growth engagement engine.

How to measure retention? Learn to how to stay away from vanity metrics.

What is healthy retention and what are its core components?

Understanding churn and the different types of churn​.

How to reduce churn? What to track and how to run experiments?

Case Studies featuring


Week 4


1st Nov

4 hours

How to decide if you are ready to monetize your users?

How to decide the framework to monetization?


How to tie in monetization with retention?

How to approach monetization for casual, core & power users?


How to think about the perceived value? How to build one?


How to design your pricing strategy?

Case Studies featuring

Week 5

Growth Teams

8th Nov

4 hours

How to build a growth process in your team?

How to define experimentation framework for your product & growth team?

How to setup & evolve growth teams?

How to select the right folks for your Growth team?

How to build and nurture a growth culture in your team.

This will feature past experiences from highly successful teams across the tech ecosystem.

Week 6,7 & 8

Capstone Project

15th, 22nd, 29th Nov

12 hours

Why are we doing this?
GrowthX is not about theory, but something that you can apply everyday.

What will we do?
Your team will design a growth strategy for a tech product


Build acquisition -> monetization for the product.​

How will we do it?
You'll be put into a group of five with complementing skills.


A typical group will have folks from product, marketing, design & business.

You'll get a framework to build that growth plan in 3 weeks.

Present the strategic plan in the 3 weeks & get critical feedback.


I think GrowthX masterclass was phenomenal. Be it clarity of thought, quality of content, method of delivery, moderation, quality of answers, I haven't been a part of a better and more action-packed class so far, and I am pretty sure it will be hard to beat this. Loved it.

Rishi Gaurav Bhatnagar 

Forbes 30 under 30

GrowthX Class of 2020

Do not buy this course

This bootcamp requires your time, effort, and energy to improve your career or business.

If you're willing to only invest money

If you want to learn Google ads 

You can find 100s of those online, for free. This course is to understand the end-to-end lifecycle of Growth

If you're looking for "Growth Hacks" 

This bootcamp is about learning the ultimate frameworks on product & growth that drive compounding results, not hacks.


Abhishek Patil

Abhishek currently is part of Growth at CRED.

He has worked & hired for growth teams across organizations of different sizes and products ranging from his own startup, to ad-agency experience at Merkle-Sokrati, to leading user growth at Dunzo.

In his last role at Dunzo, he led growth teams for user acquisition and retention with primary focus on growth modelling and working on every part of user growth spanning retention, acquisition and monetization. 

His core is into user psych for consumer products and problem solving at scale. Drove the team at Dunzo which took the growth metric from ~100k monthly orders to ~2 million monthly orders in just 15 months.

Udayan Walvekar

Udayan currently handles Product & Growth at Razorpay.

He was the founding member of the Growth team at Razorpay where he built a growth team in the business org which looked at the spine of Razorpay's growth i.e visitors > sign ups > KYC > MTU > churn across all products of Razorpay. Currently, he's focussed on building another growth team, this time in the product org. 

Previously, he was consulting startups in San Francisco for PPC, Product Marketing, CRO and Growth strategies, successfully creating compounding marketing strategies in B2C and B2B environments.

He's worked across various industries like SaaS, AdTech, Foodtech & FinTech, having driven growth for startups right from Seed stage to Series D.

Meet your instructors

We typically fill in the seats within a week of announcing the the GrowthX bootcamp.


It is highly recommended to book your spot as these are first come first serve. We strongly believe everyone should have access to the best content around product and growth and economic status of one should not be a hurdle. (hence, the super low registration fees). 


Trust us, these 8 Sundays will transform you as a growth professional.


See you soon ❤️

Abhishek & Udayan 

Pro tip 

Those who know what GrowthX is can ignore


Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of payment methods are accepted?

We accept a plethora of online payment methods. There are over a 100 payment options like debit cards, credit cards, UPI, netbanking, EMI and more. However we do not accept any kind of offline payments like cash or cheque.

Do you offer payments made in installments?

We offer several EMI based payments, all of which you can select as per your need during the checkout. You can choose EMI during checkout and select the duration of your EMI payments. Please note that EMI payments levy standard interest rates which are charged by your bank and can amount to more than the bootcamp fees.

What is included in the bootcamp?

The bootcamp covers access to all the live classes for the 8 weeks, recorded concept videos & GrowthX forum + events.

Apart from a laptop what else will I need?

A good stable internet connection. Online learning is democratic, isn't it?

Will I find this content online for free?

There is a ton of material available the internet. This bootcamp is not a Gyan class. We will cover actionable insights from real problems in the companies that we have worked on. No bullshit, only data driven conversations.

How much time will I need to spare for the bootcamp?

A typical attendee will spend 20 hours on the live classes and we recommend at least 3 hours/week to spend on researching about the stuff taught in previous class.

In what time zone will the live online events be held?

These events will be held live on consecutive Sundays as per the schedule. The timing will be 09:00 AM to 13:00 PM (IST).

What happens next once I fill the registration fees?

You will receive a payment confirmation email from Razorpay once you make the payment. In the next 24 hours, you will be assigned to a GrowthX community manager who will guide you through logistics of the whole bootcamp.

How advanced is the bootcamp?

All knowledge is as advanced as you want it to be. This Bootcamp is designed to enable you to thrive in growth/product/marketing functions and achieve all the goals that you set for yourself.

Through the course of this Bootcamp, we will deep dive into strategies, frameworks, and the best of tools, which will help you excel in your careers. These will also help you become the growth leader, who knows the most efficient ways to function and/or lead a team.

Will I be able to expense this to my company?

Yes, of course. However, in every company the policy differs regarding education budget. If your company has a Learning & Development budget and you'd like to explore a reimbursement, once you've applied we can provide insights that have helped past GrowthX users.

What's your refund policy?

We will refund 100% of the cost of the bootcamp, minus the payment gateway charges, if you initiate a request to cancel before the bootcamp starts i.e the 10th of October 2020. Once the bootcamp starts, there will be no refunds.

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