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IPL led growth framework

Designed for Indian startup leaders thinking of doing IPL for their brand growth, based on ₹300 crores of total marketing spends.
What's covered?
Why IPL matters?
Real numbers across top news channel, Flipkart Big Billion Days & compared that to distribution IPL offers. How IPLs distribution is different than others.

Should your brand do IPL?
From understanding your product market fit for IPL to understanding your budget and can you really afford it? Plus, setting the right goals & deciding timing the right IPL season.

Go to market strategy for IPL
Defining performance marketing strategy.
Designing the IPL creative strategy.
Product strategy for user activation.
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Influence Selection Framework

Achieving ROI through Influencer Marketing is hard, top Indian brands spent $200 million (₹1,600 Cr) on influencer marketing in 2022 with just 10% returns.
What's covered?
The jobs to be done (JTBD) of influence/ influencers
From captivating hooks to fostering trust, find out how consistency plays a vital role in building familiarity and establishing a basic level of trust.

How you should not think of building influence?
Influence is not a quick fix; it's a gradual and compounding process. It's not magic but rather a logical progression.

How to design a influence framework around your brand?
How to define the purpose of influence in the context of your brand?
How to understand levers to influence?
How to create and filter the list of influencers that work for your brand?
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