hey GX fam

are you ready?

Most Important


Check-in: April 9th, 2 PM

  • If you are arriving early please note that the resort is booked out. So no early check-ins.

Check-out: April 11th, 11 AM

  • You can ask the resort to keep your luggage for the day.


  • A buffet breakfast, lunch & dinners are included. 

  • Any food/drinks ordered need to be paid by your own.


  • Alcohol is on your own.

  • GX privilege: Bring Whisky/Gin/Vodka etc from retail stores & pay the hotel Rs.1000 corkage per bottle. This is a special approval that we have got from the hotel. No corkage on bottles if you are consuming the alcohol in the rooms.

Adventure or other activities

  • Della has a great adventure park close to the hotel. If you choose to partake-This will be charged on an individual basis.

⚠️ Whenever you order anything (food, drinks, laundry etc) → clear the bill at that moment. Please make sure you don't add the bill to your rooms and clear it as the bill comes.


What should you carry?

Clothes to carry 🧳

Lonavala in April is ☀️☀️☀️

Carry sunscreen, cap & sunglasses. 3-4 pair of shorts & 4-5 pair of T-shirts are commended.


We suggest breathable cotton and loose fitted. Do grab yourself a pair of comfortable sport shoes.

Blue & white theme

On day 2. There's a surprise event with a dress code.

It's white and/or blue theme. You can go all white, blue or do a combination.


Trust us, you don't want to skip this.

DJ Night 📀

I mean, this is why we're here right?

Get your suits/vests/dresses out! We have our own private DJ on Sunday Night.


Wear your swankiest outfit, bring your A-Game.

Adventure sports 🧗‍♂️

Della is famous for the adventure sports so carry your sports wear (tshirt, shorts/joggers and sport shoes) to enjoy the same!


Note: Adventure activities are not part of our program.

Also, please do not forget to carry any medicines you need with you.


What to expect?

We have crazy sessions, mad games but most importantly, 120 curious, warm & amazing set of folks coming this weekend.


We've designed your entire experience for one north star metric.

"Make this your most memorable weekend of the year."

Detailed agenda

Day 1, April 9th



You are paired with interesting GrowthX alums as roommates.

First day is a triple occupancy stay. Get your keys. Get fresh. Get unpacking. Let's do this.!

1 PM - 3PM


You might be famished! Please have some lunch, we have long day ahead :)

4PM - 6PM

GrowthX Townhal

The first GrowthX Fam Town hall ❤️

A discussion on “Careers in the next 10 years”

Grab your seat and get ready! We will wrap this up with an hour long Q&A.

6PM - 8PM

Surprise event

Get to know your fellow GrowthX Fam.


Rules will be shared during the activity.


Trust us - it's going to be crazy fun!

8PM - 10PM


Get your dinner sorted and then get some rest.


We want to make the first day for more interaction and less of alcohol 😂


We recommend spend the first day and night talking to people than alcohol.


We have a party for Sunday setup. We have a power packed day on Sunday!

Day 2, April 10th

7AM - 9AM

Rise & Shine 

Della is a beautiful property spanning 50 acres. Early morning is the best time to explore it!


Not a morning person? Don't worry, we have done the classic segmentation👇🏻

Casual user: Group walk

Breathe in some fresh air while walking along with the GrowthX fam across the best parts of the property

Core user: Yoga

They have a beautiful health center where you can get your morning vinyasa yoga done. Prefer doing Yoga outside? Be our guest!

Power user: Run/Swim

A nice 5K run with the GX fam. Put your running shoes on and let's do this!

9AM - 11AM


I mean, breakfast is love!

11AM - 1PM

A special game

We can't disclose much. All we can say is that you'll remember this game all your life.


Want a hint? You'll be paired with a GrowthX member for this.

1PM - 3PM


All you need is love but sometimes a lunch break works wonders.

4PM - 6PM

Mr. Beast, balloons & more. 

This is all we are going to reveal 🤣

Please wear the blue and white coloured clothes here!

6PM - 7PM

Dress up!

Life is too short to wear boring clothes

8PM - 1AM

Let's party like gatsby 

11AM, 11th Apr


Goodbyes are hard :(

Head back to the airport/station or your car and have a safe journey!