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Why is PUBG so addictive?

It makes you win until you build the habit.

Once the habit is built, it does exactly the opposite.

Think of an average mobile game user. Someone who is typically is into casual gaming. This user has time to kill and is not an expert at first person action games. This type of user is the largest addressable market for any mobile game.

You download the app - starts playing and the first few stages are designed to make sure you understand the control (build muscle memory) & win (get that dopamine hit).

But, that doesn't last long. Ask yourself, do you feel the same AHA moment when you take an Uber today? Compared to the first Uber ride you took there is no AHA.

With every win, there is a dopamine hit. As the user keeps playing with better players, the game becomes harder. It becomes a chase towards getting that dopamine shot(AHA).

This is complemented by signalling. With each win, the player gets to new player skins, weapons and arenas. The whole leaderboard within the clan is cherry on the top.

There is a lot to learn from PUBG & apply to tech products especially to retain users. Go and download an FPS game today and experience it yourself

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