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Why founders need to learn growth & not hire consultants?

Every week, I get atleast 5 founders offering me a consulting gig.

Here's how I respond.

  1. Has your product-market fit been achieved?

  2. What are your top 3 growth problems?

#1 is non-negotiable.

Growing a product without PMF

  • Draining down money | energy | priceless engineering effort

#2 reveals the real problems.

  • Typically they are around scaling top of the funnel or retention.

Back to our consultant piece.

  • The majority of the founders want to hire a consultant.

  • The assumption being, it will drive growth like magic.

  • Good idea on paper, but has never ever worked.

Here's what you should try to do instead.

1. Learn marketing.

Top growth talent wants to work with a founder who gets it.

2. Be articulate on your asks.

Asking for 10X growth in a quarter is not just foolish but setting the team for failure. Ask for what input levers the team will change on growth.

3. Figure out what channels will work on acquisition or have worked on similar products.

Your first growth hire should have a deep understanding of that channel.

4. Growth is not equal to getting new users.

Growth is about how to sustainably grow on all cylinders (acquisition, onboarding, retention & monetization).

5. Get your early team to constantly upskill.

That's all for now.