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Why can’t you refill a toothpaste tube?

Why can’t you refill a toothpaste tube?

Why Apple restricts you from replacing battery?

Why Mercedes-Benz AG voids your car warranty on unauthorised service?

Short answer - Make more 💵 💵 💵

But there's something more.

For toothpaste companies with razor thin margins, they want you to consume the items as fast as you can. For Apple & Mercedes, they want to dictate pricing for servicing their products.

What can tech products learn from them?

  1. Build habits around your product

Too much friction to change from your easy to use toothpaste tube.

  1. Create walled gardens

If it was easy to replace batteries, no one will buy $100 iPhone batteries from Apple.

  1. Incentivise good behaviour

When you service your Merc at authorised providers, you get at least 50% higher resale price on it. Go execute!