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What can dogs teach you about building engaging products? 🐶

Makes you invest time ⏱

If you own a dog, imagine the first day you adopted the dog. You potty trained him/her. You created a space for him/her to sleep, you got the right toys to solve the first teeth problems. All of this asked some attention, energy & time from you. You got invested into getting dog into your life. Sunk cost kicks in.

Gives consistent AHA moment ❤️

Every-time you comeback from office / work, you have the cute doggo welcoming you with insane enthusiasm. You get a happy welcome every freaking time. Setting your mood for the rest of the day.

Helps you build a habit 🦮

It asks you to go for a walk at a specific time of the day. Try missing it and you are in for a nightmare with barking. Great products build a consistent use case that becomes a habit.

Reacts taking into account your state of mind 🧠

If you adopted a dog, you must have observed this. If you are sad, dogs sense it and try to give a dog hug. They understand the context and react accordingly. They sense your mood & state of mind and react accordingly.

Makes you trust them 💂🏼

They earn trust by getting your confidence on smaller things (sitting when asked to sit, eating only on a specific word mention). Consistent smaller trust instances create long term trust.

In summary, while building tech products

  1. Make users feel invested (with time/ energy/ actions).

  2. Every time they use the product, give an AHA moment.

  3. Make users build a habit with your product.

  4. Contextualise your communication to the user.

  5. Build trust with your product.

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