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What's your preferred commute app? Ola or Uber?

What's your preferred food delivery app?

Zomato or Swiggy?

What's your preferred travel app? or Airbnb?

Why do you give preference to one over the other?

Short answer.

We all love boringly predictable products.

Long answer.

  1. You open the Swiggy app.

  2. You are hungry & want to order quick.

  3. You select Swiggy POP.

  4. You select a dish. w/o looking at the restaurant.

  5. You pay using Swiggy money.


The order arrives in 30minutes.


  1. Swiggy POP curated specific dish from top restaurants.

  2. It also offered free delivery.

  3. It saved you from selection troubles.

  4. It made food ordering a 3 click experience.

  5. The delivery experience was top notch.

I personally have ordered from this flow 100+ times.

How can you build it for your own product?

This is called a System 1 design.

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