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Tinder & Bumble exists 🤫
Why do we need another dating app?

Enter Thursday app 🤯

Every Thursday, open up the Thursday app & see who wants to date that day. Go from swiping to meeting someone in real life in a single day.

Why do we need Thursday?

What's wrong with conventional dating apps?

Two words - It's exhausting 📱 You download Tinder

📝 Upload your pictures & bio

🤞🏻 Start swiping

❤️ Get a match

💬 Start chatting

🥲 No real dates

That's exactly what Thursday solves for.

️ The app has 100K+ new users in the waitlist

🎙 Folks who have access can't stop bragging about it.

🧐 What's working? What can you learn from it?


The app is invite only and needs an admin approval. That means no fake bots getting into the product. It's curating interesting people who complete their bio and have something interesting about themselves. Who doesn't want to meet interesting people?

💰 Makes users invested

To get approved on the app, you have to complete your profiles and write it like a university application if I were to exaggerate. This creates the sunk cost fallacy among users.

⏱ FOMO You can use the app only on a certain day of the week, yeah you guessed it. This creates urgency to take action for users. If they don't swipe/chat/meet on that day itself, the app resets.

This isn't new, but it's definitely packaged well 📦

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