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Cigarette sells more than learning apps.


The answer lies in how we make buying decisions.

Think of your last purchase on your credit card.

Ask yourself, why did you make that purchase?

Did your last purchase had either of the following?

  1. Something that you could see in real life

  2. Gave you instant gratification

  3. Helped you signal it to others

Pick "cigarette" as the item bought and put it in the above framework.

You will realise it helps you do almost all three depending on what kind of people you hang out with.

Now apply that to learning and you will realise.

  1. You can't see it in real life.

  2. No instant gratification, it will come over a period of time.

  3. Signalling might happen only if you apply the learning.

What can help you make users -> paying customers?

First, create the perceived value for your product.

Second, empower them to see a before and after.

Lastly, they should have the right community/ set of people whom they can signal or apply in a closed setting.

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