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What is every startup focused on?

That's right. It's growth.

But driving growth isn't easy. It takes time & might seem like rocket science

To tackle this problem, we're launching a course that will change everything.


Growth Hacking Max Pro Plus Course

Overnight Success. Guaranteed.

Hey Founders

Remember the time you were daydreaming about growing your startup and getting invited to the next Ted-talk? That is possible now.

Hey PMs/Marketers

Fancy this: You’re the star of your growth team at your job & get invited to a podcast to tell the whole world how you hacked growth. That's possible too.

What should you expect from this course?


Improvement in retention. Customers will be hypnotised with these hacks and come back to your product


Chance to get acquired by Google or Facebook.


User Growth without spending any money. Your VCs will thank us.

All you have to do is enroll & learn how to hack your start-up growth and day job overnight.


Growth Hacking Max Pro Plus Course


₹199 only

All the hacks

Some more hacks

And some more hacks

Signup to hacking course

If you've read till here, you’ve done either of the two things:


You had a great laugh (Thank us later)


You believed everything & wanted to enroll in the hacking course. (Worrying)

It doesn’t matter if you belong to the first or the second. You still need to know this.


Final section

The purpose of this page is simple; we want to shield you from the nonsense that floats on the internet.

This was an April’s fool page, but we’ve seen folks believe this. This is our small attempt to help you avoid falling into this trap. After all, "growth hacking" only belongs in the April fool section, not in real life. 


You can still drive compounding growth for your startup by learning the real frameworks to growth, not some fluffy hacks-max courses on the internet.

Disclaimer: Humor is a funny thing. And 1st April is all about it. Our intention isn’t to demean any person, company or event. Pinky promise. And ofcourse, there are exceptions to everything.


Do you agree with us?

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Want to drive real growth & not hacks?

At GrowthX, we conduct 5 weeks of insightful live sessions covering user acquisition, on-boarding, engagement, monetisation & growth processes followed by a 3-week intense capstone project.

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GrowthX Alumni are folks from top startups. Join them. 

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