Kick-off call

7th June

60 mins

Growth Model

How to win at growth?

Program overview: Introduction to growth and core series modules.

Peer group introduction over a 60 min programme kick-off call.

Week 1

14th June

240 mins

180 mins content

60 mins case study


How to acquire customers for your product?

Understand the acquisition framework.

Deep dive into acquisition channels (Organic, paid & referral)

Create product hooks to acquire customers.


How to hypothesize, test, and learn from growth experiments.


Week 2

21st June

240 mins

180 mins content

60 mins case study


How to activate customers on your product? 

Understand the onboarding mistakes product owners make.

How to define your onboarding metrics for your product?

Why onboarding is core to Growth?

Design deep dive into onboarding for your web & app products.

Understand & make use of the positive & negative psych for your product onboarding.

Framework for onboarding success.

Week 3

28th June

240 mins

180 mins content

60 mins case study

Engagement & Retention

How to engage & retain existing customers?

What is the core retention framework and how retention drives new user acquisition?

How to define retention metrics? Common mistakes to avoid.

How to model retention for your product basis natural frequency of the product?

How engagement overlaps with retention. 

How to build a core engagement loop inside the product.

Week 4

5th July

240 mins

180 mins content

60 mins case study


How to monetize your product offering?

What is monetization?


How to decide if your product is ready for monetization?

Understand the monetization framework 

How to select from different monetization frameworks.

How to run experiments on monetization?

Week 5

12th July

240 mins

180 mins content

60 mins case study

Growth Teams

How to set-up growth processes & teams?

Why are growth teams important?

Who all should be part of a growth team?


How to set up a Growth team at your company?

How to develop growth processes?

How to motivate & evolve your growth teams?


Week 1

Sunday, 11th October '20

9:30am to 1:30pm

300 minutes

120 mins live content

120 mins live case study

60 mins self paced learning 

What will you learn

How to decide is your product ready for acquiring customers?

Who is your ideal customer? What do they do in life?

How to acquire the first 1000 customers?

Decision framework & deep dive into four major acquisition channels viz organic, ads, referral, product integrations.

How to scale your acquisition channels?

How to run experiments on the acquisition funnels?

Case Studies Featuring